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Building Construction Project

The BFG building is set to be under construction soon. 

Check here for updates to our project

Artist-rendering of the proposed new Berger Financial Group building (rear view)






10.25.2016: We have seen our first signs of addition progress! The crew showed up this afternoon and are starting by surveying the area. The first step of many is underway!







10/27/2016: The heavy machinery has arrived! The ground is set to be broken very soon and our addition project will start to visibly show itself. The excitement of the project is beaming throughout the building. 






10/31/2016: On the day when it's trick or treat, we were given a treat and ground has been broken! The project is officially underway and we're excited that the future addition is getting closer.






11/03/2016: Wow! What a difference a couple days can make. The crew has been here everyday this week and have made great progress already. As you can see we have a lot of dirt being moved and the project is taking form. Everyday we get a little closer to our wonderful new addition.





11/8/2016: The crew continues their hardwork into its second week. In just a couple of days we've seen tremendous progress. The footprint of the addition is really starting to take its shape as the crew digs down into the outline of the new building. The project is heating up. Onward!






11/15/2016: Concrete for the footings of the building is being poured. This wonderfully warm weather has allowed the crew to continue progressing very nicely. 






11/23/2016: On the day before Thanksgiving the BFG team is thankful that our addition to the building is coming along nicely. The shape and outline of the structure are becoming more aparent. Happy Thanksgiving!






12/01/2016: We have concrete! The first side of the building is taking shape and the crew is working hard to continue getting our addition done in a timely manner.






12/9/2016: Although half of it is covered, we do have a complete circuit of concrete. The footprint of the building is officially evident with the concrete base. Progress continues into the beginning of the Holiday Season.






12/15/2016: The crew has brought in numerous loads of fresh (steaming due to the cold) dirt to fill in the base of the building. With the snow and overall unpredictable weather the project continues on as quickly as it can. We've entered the part of the project where we will be able to visibily see the amount of progress that will be made on a day to day basis.





12/21/2016: We have vertical action! We have seen rapid progress with the dash of nice weather after the snow storm. The beams are in and the crew is moving quickly to assemble the frame of the building. 






12/23/2016: The shell of the building is up! As our staff starts to filter out for the Holidays, the construction crew continues to be hard at work building the addition. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!






1/5/2017: Happy New Year! This part of the project has been fun to watch as the structure continues to take shape. We are excited about a New Year - New Space. 





1/11/2017: Even with the snow coming down in numbers the crew continues to make progress. We are anticipating that the project will be fully completed sometime in the middle of March but do think we will be able to begin using it in a limited capacity by the end of February. We march on with a New Year - New Space.





1/24/2017: The building is fully enclosed on all 4 sides. With temporary lights hung on the inside, the addition is illuminated and looks remarkable when it is dark out. The progress continues, the nice week of weather has been a bonus for the crew.






2/16/2017: The concrete slab on the bottom floor of the building is in. A lot of progress is being made on the interior of the building and not necessarily visible to the eye but we are excited about the progress and the closeness of the completion of the project.






2/24/2017: The bottom floor of the addition has been framed! The project is really coming together and more and more looking like the space we are excited to start utilizing.






3/13/2017: This is a picture of the far west side of the addition. Here you can see the great masonry work that will be seen throughout the exterior of the building. 






3/21/2017: The view of the "front" of the building, the North side. 







3/31/2017: The windows for the office spaces are in. The crew is still working on the inside spaces of the building in addition to getting the windows in of the conference room areas. Progress is evident all over.






5/10/2017: We have moved in! Little details soon to be finished but overall the actual space is done and we now occupy it.