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Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Income tax planning and preparation play a major role in the long term results of the financial planning process.  Setting BFG apart, we have dedicated CPAs on staff, which enables us to plan for multi-year tax strategies that few others are capable of.  Integration of investment and tax planning within your overall financial plan gives us the unique ability to tailor multi-year strategies, enabling retention of more of your asset base through time.  This method of planning can often produce superior results through the years.

Preparation of your tax return in an accurate and client-focused way remains important. Under one roof, we have the rare ability to integrate and potentially maximize your tax benefit while also minimizing hassle because your financial professionals are able to work collaboratively.  Our skilled staff of CPAs have a deep knowledge base as well as a personal and broad perspective.  We offer a full range of income tax preparation for individuals, businesses, trusts and estates.

We do not require our Wealth Management clients to have us prepare their income tax returns, and will work cooperatively with your outside CPA if that is desired.

Income Tax Preparation includes:
  • Income tax projections 
  • Withholding analysis
  • Estimated tax payment analysis
  • Availability for questions that come up during the year

Income Tax Planning Strategies