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Advisor Succession Planning

Are you a financial advisor interested in setting up your own succession plan? Whether it be an urgent issue for you - or something that you want to responsibly have in place for your own personal protection, taking the time for a discussion is a great place to begin.

BFG has successfully served as the successor for a number of retiring financial advisors as well as those still planning on working for many years to come.  The advantages of working with our team include:

  • Significant experience

  • Proven track record

  • Strong client and staff retention

  • Deal flexibility

  • Ethical approach


We recognize that every single situation is quite different, and pride ourselves on being very flexible to accommodate a great number of possible needs and preferences.  If this is a conversation that would be of interest to you, please call us today at 763-746-2666 or fill out the online form below. We look forward to starting our partnership with you!

Associate Spotlight

Amy Fracaro-Choate.jpg

Amy Fracaro-Choate, CRC

Why did you decide to join Berger?

“The sense I had upon meeting the Berger Financial Group Team for the first time was “I don’t want to be left behind”. They were most enthusiastic and energetic about their business model and philosophy I truly believed in as well. I said to myself, finally a real team, one I want to be part of. A team that truly cares not only about the clients they serve, but their employees as well.” 


What have you most enjoyed about BFG since you joined?

“Since joining Berger, I have come to appreciate the knowledgeable and consistent guidance. More importantly, the reason I joined initially has been more than validated. I look forward to working many more years within this organization.” 

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