Women and Investing

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Berger Financial Group has a longstanding track record of guiding female investors through a variety of complex financial decisions and helping them reach their financial goals. 

  • There are many unique planning opportunities for women investors and our advisors are passionate about navigating them with you.

  • We pride ourselves on our long tenured group of financial advisors who, as fiduciaries, will work in your best interest and guide you along the path to success.
  • Female advisors represent less than 20% of the Financial Advisor industry, here at Berger Financial Group, women account for 50% of our Professional Financial Advisory staff.  We have eight talented, female financial planners available to assist you with your financial goals and asset management.

If you are looking for a firm who has specific experience in working with women or are in search of a female financial advisor, Berger Financial Group may be the perfect fit.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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