Retirement & Financial Planning

At Berger Financial Group, we are committed to offering personalized and comprehensive financial and retirement services. Our Chief Operating Officer, April Bortscheller, CFP®, along with our dedicated team, ensures that every client receives tailored financial solutions to meet their unique needs.

What Financial and Retirement Services Do You Offer?

Berger Financial Group provides a diverse range of services, including financial planning, investment management, tax preparation, and tax planning. Recognizing that every client’s situation is unique, we focus on understanding your goals and crafting strategies to achieve them, whether you’re a corporate executive or need family planning services.

What Types of Financial and Retirement Projects or Clients Have You Helped Recently or in the Past?

Our client portfolio is varied and extensive, encompassing individuals and families with diverse financial needs. We have successfully partnered clients with advisors who best fit their personality and financial goals, ensuring a customized and effective planning experience.

What Is Your Process for Taking Financial and Retirement Clients from Start to Finish?

Our process is straightforward and stress-free. It begins with an initial consultation to understand your goals and financial aspirations. This is followed by matching you with an advisor whose expertise and personality align with your requirements. The process involves in-person meetings to establish a deeper understanding of your objectives, followed by data gathering, asset transfer, and ongoing advisory support.

How Do You Engage With a New Client From the First Call Through?

Upon your first contact with our firm, our team reaches out to discuss your financial aspirations and goals. We then connect you with an advisor who is not just a financial expert but also a compatible personality match. This ensures a seamless and comfortable advisory relationship right from the start.

What Are the Consequences of Not Hiring an Experienced Financial Advisor or Hiring the Wrong One?

Without a skilled financial advisor, you risk making uninformed decisions, especially as you approach retirement. The right advisor acts as a sounding board and partner, guiding you to avoid wrong decisions and unnecessary risks. Conversely, an unsuitable advisor might overlook your risk tolerance and goals, leading to suboptimal investment choices and excessive fees.

Why Is Your Financial Group Different & How Do You Ensure a Successful Outcome?

Berger Financial Group distinguishes itself with a holistic approach to financial planning. We consider all aspects of a client’s financial life – taxes, estate, investments – to offer comprehensive solutions. Founded on strong principles and work ethic, we ensure that our clients share these values, maintaining a family-owned principal office atmosphere that fosters trust and successful partnerships.

Start Your Financial Journey Today

Embark on a path to financial security and peace of mind with Berger Financial Group. Whether you’re seeking expert advice on retirement planning, investment management, or tax strategies, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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