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Financially Empowering Women

Berger Financial Group has a longstanding track record of guiding female investors through a variety of complex financial decisions and helping them reach their financial goals. 

  • There are many unique planning opportunities for women investors and our advisors are passionate about navigating them with you.

  • We pride ourselves on our long-tenured group of financial advisors who, as fiduciaries, will work in your best interest and guide you along the path to success.

  • Female advisors represent less than 20% of the Financial Advisor industry; here at Berger Financial Group, women account for more than 50% of our Professional Financial Advisory staff.  We have numerous talented, female financial planners available to assist you with your financial goals and asset management.

If you are looking for a firm with specific experience in working with women or are searching for a female financial advisor, Berger Financial Group may be the perfect fit.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Angela Erickson, CFP,  EA


What makes BFG a unique advisory firm?

  • Personally, the support that I have received as a female in this profession has been amazing. From day 1, Larry Berger, our founder, saw the importance of having women as a part of the team, and not just at an administrative level. He mentored me and championed me in every step I took to become an advisor. In a profession dominated by men, it has been refreshing and such a blessing to have had the guidance to become the advisor that I am today, where I can stand as an equal among all advisors of the firm. I have been with the firm for nearly two decades, and I am proud that we now have more female than male advisors and that our work is collaborative rather than competitive.  

Angela Erickson.jpg
  • From a practice standpoint, our firm is different in that we offer full tax planning and preparation integrated with financial planning. I have an accounting background and couldn’t imagine doing my job without the ability to consider tax consequences as a component of the advice that I give. The long-term tax strategy that we can tailor to each client is a significant value-added that so many firms are not able to offer.

  • Lastly, we have been hugely successful in partnering with other advisors who share our philosophy and values and are searching for a succession plan. As advisors, we dedicate our careers to creating, sometimes lifelong, relationships with our clients, and retiring is not a decision one takes lightly. Our firm has put in countless hours creating a succession plan strategy that allows advisors to integrate within our firm to slowly transition their clients to a new advisor team, creating confidence that they can retire leaving their clients in good hands.

How do you feel women advisors are changing the industry and what benefits do you feel this adds to your clients?

Historically, women have not had the ability to save as much as men, nor have they received as much education on how to save, invest and plan for their futures. It can be extremely intimidating for a woman to take charge in this arena, and a caring and supportive advocate can make all the difference. Like many other female advisors, the value I add to my client experience is that I listen and take visual cues. The one thing I want to avoid in a conversation is to look across the table and see someone with glazed over eyes who either doesn’t follow what I’m saying or doesn’t relate. I can present data all day, but I prefer to listen so that I truly understand my clients’ worries, values, and goals. This enables me to better focus my conversation on how to achieve what is most important to them.


The best part of this role is that I not only get to be a financial advisor, but I'm often an educator and counselor as well. I am proud of the trust-based relationships I have developed with my clients over years working together to help them achieve their financial goals. It is these relationships that go far beyond the role of an investment advisor, which I cherish the most.   

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