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Berger Financial Group ranks among the fastest 50 growing private businesses in the Twin-Cities Metro area

Berger Financial Group, with revenue growth of 30.05% from 2019 to 2021, ranks on the Fast 50 at No. 45. The Plymouth-based financial planning firm had revenue of $12.3 million last year.

Berger Financial Group Announces New President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Berger Financial Group proudly announces that April Bortscheller, CFP® has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the growing Minneapolis-based financial services firm.

Mark Berger of Berger Financial Group On The Future of Money and Banking

An Interview With David Liu

Building Wealth, Despite Covid-19

Financial advisors and their clients are navigating the economic waters of inflation, rising interest rates, and a volatile stock market.

8 Financial wellness tips to help your improve your financial well-being in 2022

Did you make a new year’s resolution for better spending habits? To put more in savings, eat out less often, and check every line of your credit card bill? And you did it… for a few weeks.

Nick Asmus gets promoted as CEO of Berger Financial Group

Berger Financial Group, Inc. is excited to announce Nick Asmus as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Skyview closes first M&A transaction serving as listing agent, investment bank, and credit facility. 

Skyview is pleased to announce the first M&A closing that utilized all three SkyView M&A entities in the transaction.

Hedge Funds: The Misunderstood Investment Making Big Headlines

You’ve probably heard hedge funds mentioned over the years, and you’ve probably heard even more about them mentioned recently alongside the GameStop headlines where retail traders caused a big hedge fund to lose over half its value this past January of 2021.

Expert: Are NFTs a fad or the future?

How do NFTs Work? NFTs are just a way to own something digitally and prove that ownership. Non-Fungible means unique and not able to be copied identically.

Competition for Talent Is a Major Issue for RIAs

The competition for attracting and retaining talent at RIA firms has been heating up for years as an increasing percentage of advisors leave one firm for another. According to Schwab’s latest...

Schwab reassures RIAs its brokerage advertising won’t take business away from them

During the opening session at Schwab’s annual conference in Washington on Monday, Mr. Bettinger and Bernie Clark, executive vice president of Schwab Advisor Services, touted...

The Global Financial Crisis Catalyzed Growth, Changes In RIAs, Says Schwab

Now a decade in the past, the global financial crisis significantly changed how independent advisors approach...

Advice for Advisors as they continue to navigate through COVID-19

Precious few of us were around as eyewitnesses back in 1918 when the Spanish flu pandemic took the lives of 50 million people around the world. The economy suffered as stock markets were sent into a tailspin.

Retirement and what people wish they had known before moving to Florida

Do you really know everything you need to know about retiring in the Sunshine State?

What Is the Difference Between Portfolio Management and Financial Planning?

There is certainly some overlap but understanding the distinction between a portfolio manager and a financial planner is very important.

300 advisors, $28.3B in client assets: The largest IBD moves of 2020

As financial advisors and wealth management executives well know, the movement of practices and client assets is the lifeblood of the industry. tailspin.

The Pros and Cons of Fee-only Financial Planning

Looking for a financial planner, but unsure whether to choose fee-only, fee-based, or commission-based? Here’s a guide.

What Is the Difference Between Portfolio Management and Financial Planning?

Most people think that financial planning and portfolio management are the same things. 

The ultimate retirement planning checklist

Check all of the boxes on our ultimate retirement planning checklist, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful, worry-free retirement

A Guide to Modern Portfolio Theory

According to modern portfolio theory, there are three rules to be followed to make an investor earn more money with less risk during long periods.

$1B Group Breaks Away From Cambridge

RIA Berger Financial Group plans to keep adding to its 40-member team, which includes 14 advisors.

The RIA custodian said that 29% of advisors think longer client life spans will be the most impactful trend in the industry over the next decade.

A new survey from Charles Schwab shows that advisors are concerned about their clients living longer...

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