Our History

History of Berger Financial Group

Founded in 1981 by Larry Berger, Berger Financial Group started as an income tax preparation firm. With the early addition of financial planning and investment management, the firm carved a niche in tax-focused financial strategies, attracting a growing clientele. The entry of Larry’s son Mark in 2003 marked a new era of expansion, with the firm solidifying its reputation through challenging times, including stepping in as an emergency succession plan in 2010. By 2018, it became a unique ESOP, fully employee-owned entity, emphasizing a family-style culture. Today, Berger Financial Group thrives across several locations around the country, maintaining its core values and tax-centric approach.

Growth and Vision: The Journey of Berger Financial Group

In 2003, a pivotal moment arrived as Mark Berger joined his father Larry in the firm, marking a new chapter of growth and enhanced capabilities. This period was characterized by our unwavering commitment to personalized, tax-focused financial planning, drawing an exceptional team to our side. Many of these professionals have ascended to senior roles, embodying our dedication to excellence. The year 2010 further tested our resilience, as we took on the role of emergency succession plan for a colleague. This not only solidified our team’s strength but also underscored our ability to support our clients and colleagues through unforeseen challenges.

The transformation continued into 2018, a landmark year when Berger Financial Group embraced a new identity as one of the few fully employee-owned ESOP firms within our industry. This significant shift enriched our culture with a sense of ownership and unity, mirroring the family-oriented ethos that has been our foundation since inception. Presently, with locations across the nation and a roster of unparalleled talent, our firm stands on the precipice of the future, steadfast in our commitment to tax-efficient financial strategies and a distinctive, familial culture that sets us apart.

What Services/Products Does Berger Financial Offer? 

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You have worked hard. We make sure that it pays off for you and for your family’s future.

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We put you first, taking the responsibility to create a portfolio as unique as your aspirations.

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By looking forward with you, we put our history of tax planning to work for your long-term success.

These services are integrated under one roof, providing a holistic approach to manage your financial needs effectively.



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What Makes Our Financial Group Different from Competitors?

Our distinction lies in the seamless integration of tax-focused financial planning with comprehensive investment management. As an ESOP, Berger Financial Group cultivates a family-style culture where each member, from our visionary leaders to our dedicated financial advisors and support staff, is deeply invested in your financial well-being. This unique approach ensures a personalized and holistic service, offering a level of dedication and expertise that is unmatched. Our commitment to maintaining this tax-centric advisory approach, coupled with our unparalleled team spirit, sets us apart in a crowded field, offering a financial partnership designed to thrive through generations.

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Embarking on your financial journey with Berger Financial Group means entrusting your future to a team that prioritizes your success above all. Our foundation in tax-focused financial planning, enriched by our evolution into a fully employee-owned firm, ensures a comprehensive approach tailored to your specific needs. Our dedication is reflected in our ability to adapt, grow, and provide unwavering support, as demonstrated through our history of resilience and expansion. This unique blend of expertise, personalized care, and a family-style culture ensures that your financial goals are not just met but exceeded.

Eager to join our financial family? Connect with us today to begin crafting your path to financial success. At Berger Financial Group, we’re more than ready to embark on this journey with you, guiding you with integrity, expertise, and a personal touch every step of the way.