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At Berger Financial Group, we recognize that your concept of financial success is more than just a goal; it serves as the guiding force behind every decision we make. Our unwavering commitment to excellence spans across financial and retirement planning, portfolio development and management, as well as income tax planning and preparation. We firmly believe that the fruits of your hard work should not only benefit you but also pave the way for a prosperous future for your family. Your dedication does not go unnoticed, and we strive to tailor your financial pursuits to the unique contours of your life. Explore how our expertise in financial planning transforms your efforts into a sustained legacy of prosperity.

By prioritizing your needs, we take on the responsibility of crafting a portfolio as distinct as your dreams and aspirations. Our approach seamlessly aligns with your individual financial goals, ensuring a personalized and effective strategy. At the core of our wealth management philosophy is a holistic perspective, with your interests at the forefront of every decision. Your dreams, regardless of their size or shape, hold significant value to us. Share your distinctive vision, and together, let’s forge a future of prosperity. Your definition of financial success is pivotal because it serves as the yardstick by which we measure our own success.

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You have worked hard. We make sure that it pays off for you and for your family’s future.

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We put you first, taking the responsibility to create a portfolio as unique as your aspirations.

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By looking forward with you, we put our history of tax planning to work for your long-term success.

We approach wealth management in a holistic, people-centered way.



Meet Our Financial Specialists

Financial & Retirement Planning

You’ve worked hard and invested time to accumulate your wealth. It’s now time to make sure all of your hard work safeguards your existing assets and lays the groundwork for significant future growth.

Berger Financial Group recognizes the importance of having a solid retirement and financial plan. With a plethora of credentials and experience, our team of seasoned professionals is prepared to create a customized financial plan just for you. We concentrate on the most important areas:

Making Plans for Your Child’s Future Education: Preserving your family’s legacy requires you to make educational investments in the next generation.

Retirement Income Strategies: Creating a strategy based on your individual needs that will guarantee a stress-free and comfortable retirement.

Multigenerational Legacy Plans: We assist you in creating a legacy that will endure long into the future.

Your Goals and Particular Needs: Your financial strategy should be as distinct as your objectives. In order to create a plan that is ideal for you, we place a high priority on learning about your needs and goals.

A sound financial plan has benefits that extend beyond the here and now, impacting your life and the lives of those you love for many years to come. Allow Berger Financial Group to assist you in creating the ideal plan for your long-term financial stability, prosperity, and security.

Are you prepared to start this journey? Make the first move to safeguarding your financial future with Berger Financial Group by giving our office a call right now.

Portfolio Development & Management

At Berger Financial Group, we understand that your financial success hinges on the careful management of your portfolio. Trust us to navigate the complexities, make informed decisions, and proactively adjust your portfolio to align with your ever-changing needs.

We operate on a fee-based approach, where the success of your portfolio is directly tied to our success as your advisor. This aligns our interests, ensuring that our focus remains on designing and managing portfolios that not only match your risk tolerance level but also strive to maximize gains while minimizing losses. Rest assured, every recommendation we make is in your best interest.

In a world where markets fluctuate and your needs evolve, our credentialed professionals stand ready to make timely adjustments to your portfolio. By keeping you and your goals in mind, we seamlessly act on your behalf to ensure your money is consistently working for you.

Our portfolio management services offer:

  • Risk Management
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Stop-Loss Strategies on Individual Securities
  • Transparency to our Clients
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
  • Target Maximizing Risk-Reward Ratio without Predicting the Future
  • Tailored Portfolios to Each Individual Client
  • Collaboration between Economists and Portfolio Strategists

Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Whether you’re navigating life changes, growing your business, or planning for retirement, our income tax services are designed to optimize your financial outcomes. We tailor strategies to fit your unique circumstances, ensuring that every deduction and credit available works in your favor.

Working seamlessly with our financial advisors or alongside your current preparer, our CPAs provide comprehensive support for all aspects of your tax strategy. Your financial goals are our priority, and we empower you to choose the collaboration that best suits your needs.

Income tax preparation services include:

  • Income Tax Projections
  • Withholding Analysis
  • Estimated Tax Payment Analysis
  • Year-Round Accessibility to CPAs for Questions and Concerns

Your Financial Dreams Come First with Berger Financial Group

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing personalized attention. Recognizing that your financial journey is distinctive, we tailor our approach to align precisely with your specific goals, creating a customized and effective financial plan.

Ready to turn your financial dreams into reality? Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey designed exclusively for you at Berger Financial Group.

Financial Success Begins with YOU

We Approach Wealth Management in a Holistic, People-Centered Way

Learn About You

  • Your Vision
  • Your Objectives
  • Your Opportunities
  • Your Challenges

Develop Custom Strategies

  • Based on your unique situation
  • Leverage our team of experts
  • Establish wealth creation strategies
  • Determine the ideal source of asset transfer

Build Wealth

  • Agree on and implement strategies
  • Establish tracking tools
  • Communicate regularly