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Embark on financial success with Berger Financial Group in Portland, Maine. Your vision of financial success serves as our guiding compass, steering every move we make. Rooted in excellence, our commitment spans financial and retirement planning, portfolio development and management, and income tax planning and preparation. We believe in securing a prosperous future for you and your family by tailoring your financial pursuits to the unique contours of your life. Explore how our financial planning expertise transforms your efforts into a lasting legacy of prosperity.

We prioritize crafting a portfolio as unique as your dreams and aspirations. Our approach seamlessly aligns with your individual financial goals, ensuring a personalized and effective strategy. With a holistic perspective at the core of our wealth management philosophy, your interests take center stage in every decision. Regardless of the size or shape of your dreams, they matter to us. Share your distinctive vision, and let’s forge a future of prosperity together. Your definition of financial success is crucial as it’s the metric by which we gauge our own success.

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You have worked hard. We make sure that it pays off for you and for your family’s future.

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We put you first, taking the responsibility to create a portfolio as unique as your aspirations.

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By looking forward with you, we put our history of tax planning to work for your long-term success.

We approach wealth management in a holistic, people-centered way.



Meet Our Financial Specialists

Financial & Retirement Planning

You put a lot of effort into acquiring your wealth. How are you making sure all of your hard work is paying off?

At Berger Financial Group, we think that having a strong financial strategy along with a unique retirement plan will not only safeguard your wealth now but also have a significant impact on its future growth. Our team of qualified and experienced experts will create a personalized financial plan that takes into account every facet of your life. Our main concerns are:

Investing in the Future Generation: Secure your family’s legacy by strategically planning for your child’s future education. Berger Financial Group empowers you to make investments that resonate through generations.

Tailored Retirement Income Strategies: Specializing in bespoke plans, we ensure your retirement is not just comfortable but uniquely stress-free, aligning seamlessly with your distinct needs.

Legacy Building Across Generations: Beyond the present, Berger Financial Group guides you in weaving a legacy that extends far into the future. Let your impact be felt for generations to come with our expert assistance.

Crafting a Personalized Financial Journey: Your financial plan shouldn’t be generic—it should mirror your aspirations and needs. Berger Financial Group prioritizes understanding your unique goals tailoring a plan that fits you perfectly.

The resonance of the right financial plan surpasses the present—it is a positive force echoing through your life and the lives of your loved ones for decades. Let Berger Financial Group be your compass in crafting the perfect path for financial security, prosperity, and longevity.

Ready to set sail on this unique journey? Reach out to our office today and take the initial stride toward securing your distinctive financial future with Berger Financial Group.

Portfolio Development & Management

As an independent wealth management firm, we prioritize your financial well-being through a fiduciary standard of care and a fee-based approach, aligning our success with yours.

Crafting a personalized investment portfolio tailored to your unique goals and risk tolerance is our expertise. We proactively navigate market fluctuations, making timely adjustments to ensure your portfolio aligns with your evolving needs.

Your financial journey is unique, and at Berger Financial Group, your goals guide every decision we make. Experience the difference between personalized, fiduciary-driven portfolio development and management. Contact us today for a journey to financial prosperity uniquely crafted for you.

Our portfolio management services offer:

  • Risk Management
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Stop-Loss Strategies on Individual Securities
  • Transparency to our Clients
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
  • Target Maximizing Risk-Reward Ratio without Predicting the Future
  • Tailored Portfolios to Each Individual Client
  • Collaboration between Economists and Portfolio Strategists

Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Count on the wealth of experience within Berger Financial Group’s seasoned CPA staff, offering decades of expertise to elevate your tax strategy beyond mere compliance to optimization for maximum returns. Our accomplished team of certified public accountants brings a depth of knowledge to navigate the complexities of the tax landscape with precision.

Whether you choose to collaborate with our skilled financial advisors or continue with your trusted tax preparer, Berger Financial Group seamlessly integrates into your tax planning process. This collaborative approach prioritizes shared success, ensuring a well-coordinated strategy that aligns with your financial objectives.

Income tax preparation services include:

  • Income Tax Projections
  • Withholding Analysis
  • Estimated Tax Payment Analysis
  • Year-Round Accessibility to CPAs for Questions and Concerns

Your Financial Dreams Come First with Berger Financial Group

Explore financial prosperity with Berger Financial Group, where your aspirations are at the core of our approach. Our commitment is to tailor strategies to align seamlessly with your unique dreams. Your success is not just a goal; it’s the essence of our financial services.

Berger Financial Group stands out for unwavering commitment, precisely tailoring our approach to your goals, resulting in an effective financial plan.

Our comprehensive wealth management revolves around you. Considering your lifestyle, values, and objectives, we craft a strategy for enduring success. Immerse yourself in the Berger Financial Group difference, where your dreams are passionately pursued. Connect with us today to embark on a transformative journey toward your financial goals.

Financial Success Begins with YOU

We Approach Wealth Management in a Holistic, People-Centered Way

Learn About You

  • Your Vision
  • Your Objectives
  • Your Opportunities
  • Your Challenges

Develop Custom Strategies

  • Based on your unique situation
  • Leverage our team of experts
  • Establish wealth creation strategies
  • Determine the ideal source of asset transfer

Build Wealth

  • Agree on and implement strategies
  • Establish tracking tools
  • Communicate regularly